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SunBurn 2.0 will be a game engine for XNA

  • 15 November 2010 ·· 4:38
  • Rodolfo Rigo Calabrezi
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  • According to John Kabus, founder and president of Synapse Gaming, the commercial graphics engine for XNA, SunBurn, will get an upgrade to version 2.0.

    SunBurn 2.0 will be a game engine instead of a renderer middleware. The first thing announced was the addition of a collision and physics system. Although simpler than specific third party APIs such as BEPU and JigLibX, it will be integrated and functional for many games. Moreover, the engine will have a more robust tool for editing levels in realtime.

    There is no release date yet, but the team at Synapse Gaming have had a hard job while the forum warms up with the news. Many people have claimed saying that the efforts of this change for a game engine are delaying more trivial functions related to the render part, that is what customers initially buy in SunBurn, a graphics engine. Some fear that these additions will make the engine slower. John says SunBurn will continue modular, and will have no loss of performance. He also said the company’s stance is to make developer’s life easier, and that the list of features to be added to the engine is huge – although a simple particle system is not yet included in the package.

    The update is free for those who already have licensed the engine, and for licensees of any product Torque, SunBurn Pro version will cost US$ 99 only.

    As a side note, in 2004 Synapse Gaming was responsible for the Torque Lighting Kit, a graphics engine for the famous game engine Torque. Torque is looking for buyers, since InstantAction (old Garage Games) has just closed its doors last week – just like Emergent that is also looking for buyers for its Gamebryo engine.

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  • Book about XNA 4.0 published

  • 30 September 2010 ·· 13:05
  • Rodolfo Rigo Calabrezi
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  • The book I was the technical reviewer is finally published!

    XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginner’s Guide

    Kurt Jaegers, the author, wrote 428 pages of pure game development tecniques for XNA Game Studio, in a intuitive and didactical manner, with pratical and useful code examples, highly intended for 2D games. Take a look at this article with a sample from this very same book.

    Packt Publishing has contacted me in March of this year, and all process along the reviewing was smooth with them. A curiosity, it was initially planned eleven chapters, but the last two got omitted from the book due to excess in page count.

    I’d love to receive any critics or suggestions on the technical review. Nice reading!

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