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New controller for XBLA/XBLIG lovers is coming

  • 31 August 2010 ·· 19:26
  • Rodolfo Rigo Calabrezi
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  • Since a lot of people in Xbox 360 community has complained about the D-Pad on the current console’s controller, Microsoft’s engineering team is coming with something surprisingly different on the spot. Let’s take a look!

    The brand-new toy is a genuine Xbox 360 wireless controller with a “twistable” D-pad, which revamps the “plus sign” twisting it clockwise when needed. Weird, but seems to work well. It also has a new greyish look, with redesigned gray buttons and analog sticks with a more deep shape. Neat!

    While it looks great on paper, people’s major concern about the original D-pad lies on the accuracy rather on design or ergonomics. So we have to put our hands on it to satisfy our curiosity on the pratical side.

    For 64,99 bucks you get a new wireless gamepad plus the Play & Charge kit, the same price of a regular wireless X360 controller plus the kit. So it might be a big deal in fact.

    The bundle will launch on 9th November -- meanwhile let’s stay focused on our job with our traditional controllers, guys. :P

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